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Hatchapon is a co-op adventure game about collecting eggs and hatching animals! As two ducks who inherit the cozy but empty Hatchapon Ranch, you and a friend must populate the ranch by finding and hatching eggs hidden around various islands.

  • Complete daring co-op challenges and master your skills to kick, throw, and control the eggs, bringing them safely home to the ranch.
  • Explore varied islands and meet strange characters as you help out on each island, completing missions for the locals while you hunt for the elusive eggs.
  • Build up Hatchapon Ranch, and fill it with all of the rarest animals!

This demo is for 2 players, and can be played using keyboard + mouse or controller.

Join our Discord to talk to the devs, give feedback, and maybe get to see exclusive content: discord.gg/9TgF8wr


Hatchapon v.1.zip 95 MB

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